Red Bull Thre3style 2014 Canadian National Finals Set and Recap

by Adam Doubleyou

Last month in Vancouver I had the great honour of competing in the 2014 Red Bull Thre3Style Canadian national finals. In a pack full of super hungry and talented DJs, I somehow managed to squeak out 3rd place! Every single DJ in the competition this year was a KILLER (no surprise). Huge respect to runner-up Plaeboi, and your 2014 Canadian champion C-Sik who is on his way to Baku Azerbaijan for the world finals, where he will be inflicting some serious damage, believe me.

For a variety of reasons I didn't quite manage to deliver the best possible version of my set, so before the live recording hits the internet, I thought I’d share the “what it ought to have sounded like is…” version here, haha (recorded in a practice space hours before the competition). I think it’s a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoy it!

Following the competition was Bastid's BBQ Vancouver where I got to eat good food, listen to great music and hang out with my DJ homies all day and night (Finally the Canadian Thre3style DJs can go outside and enjoy summer, haha! [except you C-Sik, get back to work! ] )

Thanks to my family and everyone who lent a hand (it's always a team effort!), and as always to Red Bull for putting this event on and elevating DJ culture worldwide! #RB3STYLE